Corporate Social Responsibility

  KHB group, being a caring employer. Understands the importance and acknowledges the contributions made by its employees. In this respect, the management continues to find ways to add value to its employees through formal and on-the-job training, provides training and career guidance for young graduates and school leavers. The welfare of its employees is constantly being reviewed and improved upon as far as practical and within the means of the Company.


Heath & Safety at Work Place
Health and Safety at the work place in the estates and palm oil mill remains a high priority. The Company continued to invest time and energy on training and instilling Safety awareness in its employees. In 2008, we invested a total of over 9,500 man hours in this area and coupled with our Health and Safety action plan had managed to reduce total accident at work by 60% as compared to 2007.


Training Opportunities


KHB continues to provide training opportunities on its estates and palm oil mill for students from local universities and other training institutions.

Blood Donation Campaign

Blood donation campaign is a regular activity for the estate management. In conjunction with the Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan, we had donated over 350 pints of blood in 2008.


Environmental Protection