26 November

Kretam Mill MSPO Certification Audit

Written by  Mr.Spencer


Syarikat Kretam Plantations – Syarikat Kretam Mill Sdn Bhd dan its estates, is a Malaysia plantation company, has applied to TUV NORD Malaysia Sdn Bhd to carryout certification activities detailed as in below.
Contact details:
Syarikat Kretam Plantations
Lot 6, Block 44, Leboh 3, P.O. Box No. 1292. 90714 Sandakan Sabah 
Contact Person: Mr. Mr. Sinoh Kulipang
(Estate Manager)

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Summary information about Applicant
Syarikat Kretam Plantations is located at Sandakan, Sabah with mill and four estates. The company propose to obtain MSPO certification in September 2018 and has applied to TUV NORD (Malaysia) SDN BHD to carryout certification activities detailed as in below.
The compliance assessment mention above will be conducted against the below mention standard

Applicable Standard
MS 2530-3:2013 General Principles For Oil Palm Plantations And Organized Smallholder
MS 2530-4:2013 General Principles For Palm Oil Mills

The main compliance audit is scheduled on:

Actual Audit Date  : 17/12/2018
Date End  : 20/12/2018
Total Number of days : 4 days
Number of Auditor : 3 auditors

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