Sustainability Policy

KHB Group is committed to strive towards sustainable development whenever practical that will ensure a sustainable future. KHB has adopted best practices from the industry into its daily operations, and throughout the entire operation.

The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) implemented by KHB to ensure the sustainability of its business are as follows:

  •   Committed to adhere to all relevant laws, RSPO, ISCC and MSPO certification requirements and standards that will ensure a sustainable practice in all our Mills, Estates and Refinery activities towards the sustainable production of certified palm oil products.
  •   Protection and conservation to the High Conservation Value (HCV) areas and all resources.
  •   No Deforestation by implementing High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach Methodology.
  •   Protection on Rare, Threatened and Endangered (RTE) species living in the HCV areas.
  •  Promote innovation for product and process enhancement, water conservation, waste management and recycling.
  •   Implement Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for business sustainability.
  •   Environment protection and preservation including peat areas regardless of depth.
  •   Transparent and accountable to stakeholders and to ensure awareness of company's sustainability policy through regular training and communication.


Approved By :

Datuk Freddy Lim Nyuk Sang

Chief Executive Officer

1st April 2021