Transport Policy

This Transport Policy indicates the commitment and concern of KHB in its endeavour to achieve a high level of safety of all road users within its property. These include the company's employees, employees' dependants, suppliers, contractors and their employees as well as customers and visitors. KHB will do its utmost to reduce the level of risk particularly to its employees and take the necessary precautions to minimize traffic accidents and their consequences and to work towards ZERO transport-related fatalities.

Towards this end, it is KHB's Policy to:

  • Ensure all vehicles operating for the plantation are periodically maintained and roadworthy on the roads within its property and used in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Educate and guide all contractors, drivers, residents and employees on the safe, responsible and proper use of the roads in addition to upgrading the competency of drivers being employed by the Company.
  • Comply with all National Highway Code, Road Transport Ordinance and KHB guidelines on transport issues.
  • Maintain a procedure for reporting and investigating of all road accidents or vehicle incidents and to take such actions as is reasonably practical to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure that all employees using the Company's vehicles are aware of and implement their collective and personal responsibilities for the safe use of company vehicles under their care.
  • Ensure that all contractors or suppliers of goods and services comply with the KHB Transport Policy Guidelines when they are operating either for KHB or on KHB property.
  • Ensure that all employees who drive for the company as part of their individual work-scope are provided with the appropriate and necessary regular training to fulfil their roles and responsibilities.


Approved By :

Mr. Wong Len Kee

Group Plantations Director

7 January 2015